Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pregnancy Due Date Guide iOS APP

I have uploaded the latest Pregnancy due date guide app on iTunes. And waiting to get it approved soon. Once it is approved I will let you know by posting here. Hopefully soon I will get it approved. This app is all about important due dates to know the baby's development. It has many features such as symptoms information to know whether you are pregnant or not. Also there are many tips including food diet to get along with pregnancy are added in this app.

You can keep tracks of baby 's movement and kick through this app. You can listen to your favorite music from this app. Exercise Menu helps to keep you fit by showing necessary exercises which needs to perform during pregnancy.  Also one can keep track of Doctor's information that is date of visit for checkup.

So hang on and I will let you know once it is approved and share here with the link.

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